Welcome to DIYBlindGuy.com. This site is full of DIY projects brought to you by the blind guy.  So many projects and so little time.

I have redirected a couple of my domains.  Many of the projects have been moved here.  If you were looking for gardeningcamp.com or ki6jrk.org then you are at the right place.

The site will feature DIY projects, HOWTOs and tips.  Some of the projects will have videos.

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Recent Projects / Howtos / Tips

Build An LED Grow Light For Seedlings and Cuttings - Introduction Watch the video above to see how to build a cheap LED grow light for your seedlings or cuttings.  This light is more energy efficient than a shop light.  This light is perfect for a 10 inch X 20 … Continue reading
Fix VMWare Fusion Upload to Server Problems - Introduction Sometimes things don’t go to smoothly.  I couldn’t get a VM from VMWare Fusion 11 to upload to a VMWare ESXI 6 server.  Here’s my solution to the problem. VM won’t upload hard disk file: Well this was caused … Continue reading
An Easy Way To Delete All Tables From A MySQL Database - Introduction Sometimes you need to remove all the tables in a database.  For example, when you are installing or testing a web application.  There are GUI tools that can help but we are going to use the command line. Solution … Continue reading
Hacking: Put a larger battery in an APC Back-UPS ES 350 or 450 - Introduction In the video below I cover adding a larger battery to an APC Back-ups 350 or 450. Items You’ll Need A 12V 9Ah lead acid battery A Dremel tool with cut off wheel. The Hack The hack takes advantage … Continue reading
My Favorite WordPress Plugins - Introduction This is a quick rundown of the plugins I like to use on my WordPress sites.  I do try my best not to install tons of plugins on my sites.  For the most part I use small lightweight plugins … Continue reading
HOWTO: Configure A UPS on Proxmox 5.x - Introduction Each of my proxmox servers has its own dedicated UPS.  My servers are low power and the UPS will keep them up for at least 2 hours.  I’m using a Cyberpower UPS connected via USB. This howto will use … Continue reading
Creating a MySQL or MariaDB Database and User for WordPress - Introduction These are just some quick notes on creating a mysql database and user.  This example shows how to set it up for WordPress. The Steps Just type the following lines.  Replace ‘dbname’, ‘username’ and ‘password’ with your values. mysql … Continue reading
Enable Opcache for PHP 7 and Up - Introduction If you are running PHP 7+ on a production server then you want to enable PHP’s opcache.  Your PHP applications will receive a well deserved speed boost. Configure PHP This configuration example is being done on Ubuntu 18.04.  Only … Continue reading
Ubuntu LTS 18.04 Base Server Setup Using Proxmox LXC Container - Introduction All of our servers will start with this install. This base server is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server.  This setup starts with a Proxmox LXC container instead of installing from an ISO.  I don’t explain much in the … Continue reading
Fix phpMyAdmin and PHP 7.2 Issues on Ubuntu 18.04 - Introduction The version of phpmyadmin for ubuntu doesn’t play nice with php 7.2.  The problems were fixed in newer versions of phpmyadmin. The Fix Just a few steps and things will be fixed. First visit www.phpmyadmin.net and download the latest … Continue reading