Welcome to DIYBlindGuy.com. This site is full of DIY projects brought to you by the blind guy.  So many projects and so little time.

I have redirected a couple of my domains.  Many of the projects have been moved here.  If you were looking for gardeningcamp.com or ki6jrk.org then you are at the right place.

The site will feature DIY projects, HOWTOs and tips.  Some of the projects will have videos.

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Recent Projects / Howtos / Tips

HOWTO: Change Thin LVM to Directory Storage in Proxmox 7.x - Introduction In Proxmox 7.x LVM thin is the default local storage for VMs.  However I prefer the old method of directory based storage for local storage.  You can find this information in the proxmox wiki.  These are my terse notes … Continue reading
Configure Proxmox 7.x for a Low Power Home Server - Introduction I’ve been using low power CPUs for some time. This has caused some issues when I’ve needed more CPU processing power. My goal is to move to more power hungry CPUs but still try and save power. To this … Continue reading
Ubuntu 18.04 Upgrade Apache to Latest Version - Introduction The apache2 version that is installed on Ubuntu is a couple updates behind.  This unfortunately exposes your server to unpatched vulnerabilities. This can be fixed easily.  So lets get started. A few quick steps We will start things off … Continue reading
HOWTO Ubuntu 20.04 Virtual Web Hosting With Apache, PHP, vsFTPD and Let’s Encrypt - Introduction The focus of this howto is for those users who need to host their own domains and maybe a few customer domains. This is not aimed at being used for mass web hosting. There are many ways to do … Continue reading
Ubuntu: Disable Floppy Drive - Introduction I was creating a new virtual machine in my development environment and was getting a kernel error complaining about the floppy drive.  Well I use VMWare Fusion and I don’t configure the virtual machine to have a floppy.  This … Continue reading
Opnsense Stuck at Booting on J1900 Motherboaard - Introduction I have an Asrock motherboard with a J1900 CPU.  I was setting up a new Opnsense firewall.  Well FreeBSD hence Opnsense has a video bug.  The firewall boots and runs.  You just don’t get the console screen. Below is … Continue reading
HOWTO Ubuntu 20.04 Setup An APT Caching server - Introduction When you are running a few Ubuntu servers you may want to think about setting up an APT caching server.  Installs and upgrades will go quicker.  You might save some bandwidth on your internet connection Setting Up The Base … Continue reading
Howto Ubuntu 20.04 Setting up a DNS Server - Introduction DNS is a big player on the internet.  It gives us a way to assign names to all those IP addresses out there.  This howto is going to cover installing DNS and 3 configuration examples.  Keep in mind that … Continue reading
HOWTO Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Base Server Setup - Introduction All of our servers will start with this install. This base server is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server.  I don’t explain much in the howto so if you have a question leave a comment or use Google. Downloading … Continue reading
Mac OS X – Install Tools to Program in Micropython on the ESP32 - Introduction Its easier then ever to get started with micropython developement on Mac OS X.  This howto assumes that the user is starting from zero.  Lets get started. Install Python 3.7 Mac OS X comes with Python 2.7.  We will … Continue reading