Build An LED Grow Light For Seedlings and Cuttings - Introduction Watch the video above to see how to build a cheap LED grow light for your seedlings or cuttings.  This light is more energy efficient than a shop light or cfl bulb.  This light is perfect for a 10 … Continue reading
Hydroponics Nutrient Solution EC and PH Charts - Introduction Here is a chart that gives guidance on nutrient strength and PH for several different plants.  For EC I like to mix on the lower side of the range.  For PH I like to be in the middle of … Continue reading
DIY: Build A Four Plant Top Feed Hydroponic Garden - Introduction This Howto describes building a 4 plant hydroponic garden. The method being used is a top fed drip system. Th nutrient solution flows out the ends of 1/4 inch tubing. Parts List *A square bucket with lid. (my container … Continue reading
DIY: Build Your Own PVC Bulkhead Fitting - Introduction It is a straight forward process to build your own bulkhead fitting. A trip to the hardware store will yield all the parts you are looking for. I’m going to describe building a bulkhead fitting for 1.5 inch pvc … Continue reading
DIY – Build a Flood and Drain / Ebb and Flow Hydroponics System - Thease videos cover building an ebb and flow hydroponic system. This has been one of my better performing systems. I have nice looking roots without any disease problems. I hope you build one.