Hacking: Put a larger battery in an APC Back-UPS ES 350 or 450 - Introduction In the video below I cover adding a larger battery to an APC Back-ups 350 or 450. Items You’ll Need A 12V 9Ah lead acid battery A Dremel tool with cut off wheel. The Hack The hack takes advantage … Continue reading
Notes: Wiring an 8 Wire Stepper Motor - Introduction I’ve been working on a project that required 3 stepper motors. Well Ebay is the best place to get them cheap. Not many of them are 8 wire these days. Superior Electric M061-FD-6102 Specifications Leads: 8 Voltage: 11.2V Current: … Continue reading
Build a Small 10W LED Grow Light for Plants - Introduction We like to garden inside as well as outside. And wouldn’t you know it, we don’t get much sun in the house. I built this grow light to use on a 4 plant hydroponic garden I built. My test … Continue reading
Build a Small 5V and 12V Power Supply with Optional PIC Programmer - Introduction I needed a bench top power supply for prototyping PIC microcontrollers. I also had my PIC programmer looking for a home. Well combining the two together created a nice piece of equipment. The PIC programmer is an old parallel … Continue reading
Build A 30W 50 Ohm Dummy Load - Introduction For testing out transmitters every ham should have a dummy load. The project I’m describing here is useful up to 30W. The parts used could allow up to 50W but there is no vents in the chassis. The Parts … Continue reading
Modding And Hacking A Christmas Light Controller - Introduction For under $10 you can buy christmas light sets that flash the lights in different patterns. These sets have a small controller that animates the lights. The light set I chose cost $7.99 and were purchased from┬áBig Lots. The … Continue reading
Build A POE Injector To Remotely Power Your Gear - Introduction Information on building your own POE adaptors. I didn’t want to install UPSes everywhere in the house. My access point is centrally located in my house. It has a plug right by it but no UPS. My home office … Continue reading